Aspen Hill is a clean facility to put your loved one in for rehab. I highly suggest Aspen Hill. The nurses are caring, dedicated and kind. My CNA is Aracelis. I can’t ask for a more professional CNA. The last 6 months have been hard, but she makes every day brighter.

Marguerite Mello

Yasmin, CNA, is a daughter I never had. She is a blessing and a rare gem. Aspen Hill is a great facility and I would highly recommend.

Alan Chomor

My father, Allen Borden was admitted to rehab and then immediately stayed in long-term care. What stood out to us from other nursing homes was the cooperative, kind manner of all the staff. Such amazing care for my dad. Thank you.

Kimiyo Lincoln

My son, Patrick, has been a patient at Aspen Hill for a week. I have found the care to be excellent. All the staff have been attentive to his needs and I see him getting stronger each day. I am grateful and appreciative for his care.

Joyce Fusco

I received excellent care from all staff, and my needs were met here. They have very good PT and OT. Questions were answered promptly. It’s a pleasant environment and I enjoyed my stay here. I would recommend this rehab to others and would come back if needed.

Paula Treablay

My stay at Aspen Hill was wonderful. Everyone was very nice, and I would recommend this place to everyone.

Nancy Crean

I have been a patient at Aspen Hill in Haverhill for 2 weeks. The staff has been caring to all my needs. The rehab team is excellent, my needs were taken care of in a timely manner. The administration team has been also great. I would recommend Aspen Hill to everyone.

Jill M. Brooks

In the last 20 years I have been in over 10 rehabilitations, but Aspen Hill takes the cake. It’s a clean facility, the food is good. The staff is committed, and the aides are super! I would come back and recommend it to family and friends.

John Pollard

The people at Aspen Hill have beautiful hearts and share their kindness and souls with their residents. They are beautiful people because they want to help people throughout life. Let’s give them the honor and respect they deserve. To all the beautiful people of Aspen Hill, I say thank you and give you all high honors.

William Mitchell

A few weeks ago, I met a wonderful CNA by the name of Yasmin Mendez at Aspen Hill. She is delightful, bold, sweet, and full of compassion and kindness. I will miss her very much when I leave. They need more like her. My stay here was great. I will miss everyone.

Linda Gerard

I received the best care at Aspen. I couldn’t walk, went to Aspen Hill and before I knew it, therapy had me up and walking. Excellent care!!! Thank you, Aspen Hill!!

Barbara O’Shea

I’ve been to other rehab facilities and so far, this has been the best one. Everyone assisted me and went above and beyond to provide me care, showers, and therapy. My overall experience was excellent and would definitely recommend Aspen Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to others. Thank you, Aspen Hill.

Gail Kenney

Therapy worked with me and showed me exercises to strengthen my legs, arms, and whole body. Two Particular team members that stood out were Michael and Yasmine. Every employee is strong overall. The staff is very attentive to all patients and treat people with dignity, compassion, and encouragement.


Physical and Occupational Therapy worked with me to walk again.  Everyone was very nice and helpful. I made so much progress. My overall experience was great. I would highly recommend Aspen Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare.

Pamela Christiansen

All the staff are nice, accommodating and the food was amazing. I would highly recommend Aspen Hill Rehabilitation.  

Marjorie Clevesy

Aspen Hill’s therapy department and nurses prepared me and made me strong enough to return home. Yasmine and Michael went above and beyond. I especially liked my private room. My overall experience was great. I would definitely return if Rehabilitation were needed. Thank you, Aspen Hill. 

Ilene Callahan

All your employees care, are wonderful and Aspen hill has great food.  The LNA’s are compassionate, caring and have a great attitude. Yasmine is uplifting and good for my spirit.  She loves what she does, you can tell. 

Joseph Fortuna

Aspen Hill Rehabilitation is close to my home and right next door to my father, which made having visitors easy. I had Physical and Occupational therapy until I was well enough to return home. Susan is so pleasant. She is funny and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this nursing home to all that are in need of Rehabilitation. Thank you all at Aspen Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center!

Diane Zielinski

I heard about Aspen Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare center from a friend. Her father was a resident here and received great care. I toured with the Director of Admissions Lynn Fosher. I liked the facility. Lynn made the admissions process easy and helped me with the Medicaid application. Lynn made us feel very comfortable during a tumultuous time in our lives. All staff are caring, and I get a loving vibe from everyone. A few in particular- Michael, Rosita, Patti, Al, Esther.  Jasmine is a little spit fire and is wonderful. She always gets mom bathed and dressed.  Monique doesn’t just go through the motions. She is very caring and in-tune with her patients.

Janice Rasey

To all the people who took care of me,
To each of you, I want to thank those who dedicate their lives to help me and to build my life back together. If I stayed at home, I would have died. I wanted to run from everyone, mostly myself. Self is so many things, Love, Hate, Happy, Sad, Tired, Awake, Good and Bad. At Aspen Hill I was able to start over. Through Aspen and the grace of God, I have a chance not only to live but feel for others and what all of you felt for me. To manage absolutely everything. I did not have to waste my time and effort to start and rehabilitate. God loves us all.
Never give up,

Arlene Gagne

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